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Over the last two centuries, since its foundation in the heart of the Potteries, Aynsley has acquired a reputation of producing fine china . In 1775, John Aynsley Esquire established himself in a factory at Lane end (now Longton) and became one of Stoke-on-Trent's earliest Master Potters. Little did he know that what had begun as a hobby and developed into a small business would continue to grow and prosper over the next 200 years to become one of the leading influences in the British china industry.

When John Aynsley first went into business all those years ago, he used the local Staffordshire clay and elaborately decorated each piece with his own engravings. The business prospered and its products excited interest and admiration at home and abroad. In due course he was succeeded by his eldest son, James. But it was not until his grandson John Aynsley II took the reins that the company moved into the forefront of fine bone china making, with the new practice of adding calcined bone to the china recipe.

The new bone china was a resounding success and in 1861 a factory was specially built, solely for the manufacture of the new ware. Today, that same factory, known as Portland Works, is at the heart of the Aysley manufacturing base in Stoke-on-Trent. Modernisation has not affected the traditional handcrafts with which Aynsley has long been associated. The skill and artistry of the men and women who practice these handcrafts takes many years of dedication to achieve.

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Aynsley: garlands





Pretty hand-painted multi-floral garlands decorate the rim of the plate. The slightly scalloped rim is trimmed in gold. The mark on the underside indicates that these were produced before 1920. Some of the plates have a hand-painted 8 on the underside.

AYGA8-07 Dessert plate measuring 7 inches (6 available) $13 each or $60 for 6


(Picture not yet available) 
AY-Varia C-07  Dessert plate (6 available)  $25


Aynsley: Crocus vert et dorure sur blancA very elegant set with gold trim of leaves and swags over a sage-coloured band. Gold trim on the rims. The embossed china is in a shape called Crocus. Marked "A 368" on the underside.
AYCRA368-01 Cup and saucer set $28
A large wild-rose spray decorates the white china. The rims are trimmed in gold. The embossed china is in the Crocus shape. Marked "Aynsley" on the underside. Picture not yet available.
AYCR-VA-01 Cup and saucer set. S28