Foley China


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 Numbered A B C D  E F  G
 3087 Acorn Blue Grass Celeste Devonshire  Enchantment Fern  Glenbriar
 3581   Chrysanthemum Domino     Glengarry Thistle
 5665 Christmas Rose         Golden Regency
 V1914 Cornflower         
H I-J K L  M N  O
  Harebell        Ming Rose    
  Highland Heather          
  P-Q R S T  U-V W  X-Y-Z
  Pine Spray Rutledge  Somerset Tudor  Vintage     
  Pride    Sorrento        

 Foley: Rouge et or


Gold tracery and a center gold panel featuring a bird on a branch. There is a red band on the rim. Trimmed in gold. There is a Foley mark on the underside. (2 available)





Foley: Blue scroll

This pattern displays turquoise enamel scrolls and grey stylized branches against a white background. Trimmed in silver/platinum on the flat rim edge. Marked Foley on the underside.

FOBSC-10 Dinner plate (1 available) $38
Foley: Blue DaisyThis hand-coloured pattern of blue daisies decorates the white china accented with grey polka-dots. There are hand-painted enamel yellow accents at the center of the flowers. Trimmed in gold on the scalloped rims. Marked Foley on the underside.
FOBLD-06 Bread and butter plate (3 available) $14
FLBLD-06.1 Bread and butter plate with some slight crazing (3 available) $7

Foley: Roses

This pattern displays pink roses and silhouettes of gold leaves on a white china background. Trimmed in gold on the scalloped rims. Marked Foley on the underside.

FOROSE-10 Dinner plate measuring 10 3/8 inches across (1 available) $35

Foley: Blanc

This white china has a swirl shape. The rims are trimmed in gold. Marked Foley on the underside.

FOBLA-01.5 Saucer for the cup and saucer set (1 available) $10
FOBLA-07 7 inch desert plate (3 available) $15
FOBLA-20 Creamer $22
FOBLA-21 Sugar dish $22