Hammersley China Dinnerware


The first potter associated with this maker was probably George Harris Hammersley, who worked in partnership with Harvey Adams ( Harvey Adams and Co.) up to Aug 4, 1885. The firm title was changed from Harvey Adams & Co. to Hammersley & Co. in about 1887, but the old pattern books and pattern number sequences were continued by Hammersley.

The standard marks incorporated the initials 'H & Co.', 'H & C '., or the full name ' Hammersley & Co.' . The trade name Alsager China was also used. The Spode group of companies bought the Hammersley company and has since stopped using the marks or the trade name of 'Hammersley & Co.'.

We pride ourselves in having a large and growing collection of Hammersley china for your enjoyment. Here are some of the pieces we currently have in stock. If you are looking for a particular Hammersley item not featured on this page, we may have it in stock. We would be pleased to respond to any of your special requests.

In addition to the items available in the many patterns listed on this page, you will find other Hammersley patterns and shapes by going to the Hammersley Collectoritems page.

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Numbered A B C D  E  F G
181 Autumn Glory Balmoral Cornflower     Glamis Heather
184M   Bird of Paradise       Golden Chrysanthemum
4586   Bridal Rose     Golden Glory
6072              Golden Roses
9831               Golden Thistle
            Grandmothers Rose
H I-J K L M N  O
C231 Hammersley Rose Indian Tree   Lady Valerie Minuet    
  Howard's Spray       Morgan's Rose    
  P-Q  R  S  T U-V W  X-Y-Z
  Petites Fleurs     Victorian Violets  Windsor Rose  
  Princess House          


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