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 Numbered A  B  C  D  E  F  G
Anastasia Belinda Century Rose Debutante Elegance Fascination Golden Bell
 499 Arcadia Bibury Chatelaine Dorchester Elgin Finlandia Golden Emblem
 655 Athena Blue Mist Chatsworth Dubarry Elgin Blue Fiona Golden Glory
 681 Athene Bordeaux Cherwell   Enchantment First Choice Grandma Roses
 2214E Autumn Glory Bridal Leaf Clarence     First Love Green Briar
 2765 Bridal Rose Classic   Flamenco  
 12311 Bride's Choice Comtessa     Florabella  
 19195 Bridesmaid Coniston     Floral Cross-Stitch  
 21394   Brown-eyed Susan Corinthian     Floral Fantasy  
    Burford Cornfield     Forget-Me-Not  
 A198/8   Country Lane        
 A2215     County Fair        
 G4356 H I-J K L  M N  O
 G6404 Harmony Iona Kensington  Lafayette Maderia Lace Nocturne  Olympus
 N11 Heritage     Larch Cones Madison    Ormonde
 Z633-1 Highland Queen     Lavinia Majestic    
 Z893\1 Holyrood      Lorraine Malandi    
 Z1152 Honiton     Lucerne  Malvern    
 Z1268N       Lynwood   Mayfair    
 Z1557          Mayflower     
 X104         Maytime     
          Meadow Sweet    
          Mme Ch. Sauvage    
          Morning Rose    
          Moss Rose    
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  Pandora  Regency Print  Saint Rose  Taisan Vanity Fayre Winchester   
  Park Lane  Remember Me  Sampler  Tapestry Rose Verona    
  Peace Rose  Rendezvous  Sandringham  Trees of Kashmir Victoriana Rose    
  Prairie Rose  Rockingham  Seville        
  Prelude  Romance  Six World Famous Roses        
Provincial  Rosalia  Sonata        
  Queen Anne  Rosamunda  Symmetra        
  Queen's Garden  Rose Ballet          

Paragon: Scroll pattern





This pattern has scrollwork and stylized branches with gold and raised turquoise enamel. The underside has a Paragon mark on the underside. The pattern number was not marked on underside.

PASC-10 Dinner plate (1 available) $35
Paragon: CobaltGold feathered scrollwork decorates a cobalt-blue coloured band on the rim. The white center panel is decorated with a large floral spray. Marked Paragon on the underside.
PACOB-08 8-inch plate (10 available) $25