Shelley China


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Numbered A B C D E F  G
2346a Begonia Capper's Pink and Yellow Roses Dainty Blue Golden Harvest
2424 Blenheim Castle (Pink) Dainty Regency
11280 Blue Scroll Chelsea
12358 H I-J K L M N O
12543 Hathaway Melody  
13266 Hedgerow Montrose    
14009 Honeysuckle
14307 P-Q R S T U-V W X-Y-Z
Pink and Yellow Roses Regency Spring Bouquet Wild Pink and Yellow Roses
Rosebud Syringa  


 Dainty shape  Shelley: Royal visit    Gold trim  Excellent condition  $45
 Dainty shape (4.5 inches) Shelley: Coronation  Coronation Gold Trim Excellent $32

Queen Anne shape


Caramel coloured tab-handled cake plate. Gold trim. The mark on the underside would indicate that it was produced between 1912-1925.

No pattern number

Excellent condition with a few light scratches.





 Oleander  Oleander: Floral sprays    Green trim Excellent $20
 Oleander  White saucer(for cream soup)   Gold trim Some wear to gold $15