The stamped mark on the underside indicates that this design of delicately hand-painted flowers on a white background was designed by Donald Brindley. The rims are scalloped and trimmed in gold. Marked Foley Somerset on the underside
FOSOM-01 Cup and saucer (4 remaining) $22
FOSOM-01.5 Spare saucer for the cup and saucer set (2 available) $8
FOSOM-06 Bread and butter plate (7 available) $10
FOSOM-08 Salad plate (5 available) $15
FOSOM-10 Dinner plate (7 available) $16

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The Foley China Works were started in 1850 by a Mr. Robinson. Elijah Brain took over the works in 1885 and the Brain family continued to run the business until the company closed. The Brain family purchased Coalport in 1959 and continued producing under the Coalport and Foley names. The use of the name of Foley ceased in 1963 and all the production was put under the Coalport name.