Linden Lea (Grindley)

A beautiful pattern of small flowers on a white background. The scalloped rims are trimmed in gold. These have a Grindley Linden Lea and Marlborough Royal Petal backstamp on the underside.

GRLL-01 Cup and saucer (11 available) $13
GRLL-04 Soup bowl (12 available) $8
GRLL-05 Fruit nappy (12 available) $8
GRLL-06 Bread/butter plate (11 available) $6
GRLL-08 Salad plate (12 available) $8
GRLL-10 Dinner plate (11 available) $12
GRLL-13 Large meat platter $55
GRLL-26 Condiment bowl $25
GRLL-35 Sauce boat $40
GRLL-39 Covered vegetable bowl $110
GRLL-40 Large salade bowl $50

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