Indian Tree

This colourful design is hand-painted on a white background. The rims and handle are trimmed in gold. There is a green Hammersley stamp on the underside and a hand painted pattern number "4490B" but this pattern is better known as Hammersley Indian Tree.

HMIT-01 Cup and saucer (1 available) $32
HMIT-31 Coffee pot (1 available) $150

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Hammersley and Co. was founded in Stoke-on-Trent  in 1887 in a plant that had previously operated under the name "Harvey Adams & Co.". Hammersley continued producing fine bone china dinnerware tableware known for its elegance until the end.

The company was purchased by Copeland (Spode) in 1966 who, in turn, was purchased by Royal Worcester in 1976. Fine bone china tableware continued being produced under the Hammersley name until 1988.