Indian Tree

These items are hand-painted. Marked Aynsley 1173 on the underside but is also known as Aynsley Indian Tree.

AYIT-01ld Cup and saucer in the Low Doris shape (on the left, in photo). (2 available) $32
AYIT-01.5 Saucer (3 available) $12
AYIT-01.7  Large sized breadfast cup and saucer - very rare (3 available) $38
AYIT-01.7.5 Saucer for the large cup and saucer (1 available) $15
AYTT-07 Round 7 inch plate (1 available) $19
AYTT-07.1 Round 7 inch plate (2 available) (some wear to the gold tirm) $10

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The name "Aynsley" has been connected with English bone china tableware, giftware and commemorative items since it was founded in 1775 by John Aynsley dans le Staffordshire.  The company is one of the last remaining manufacturers of bone china in Stoke-on-Trent, the historic centre for the production of English bone china.

Over the last 200 plus years Aynsley grew into a well-respected china company that was commissioned by royalty and that exports china to over 70 countries. Although modernisation changed many working practices in Stoke-on-Trent, Aynsley kept the traditional method of throwing and painting china by hand.

Aynsley China Ltd is now owned by the Beleek Pottery group.