Light blue flowers decorates the white china. Trimmed with platinum on the flat rims. Marked Coalport Milady on the underside.
COMI-01 Cup and saucer (6 available) $28
COMI-01.5 Spare saucer for the cup and saucer set (2 available) $10
COMI-06 Bread and butter plate (8 available) $16
COMI-08 Salad plate (8 available) $25
COMI-10 Dinner plate (3 available) $35

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The original Coalport factory was founded in Coalport, Shropshire, England in 1795 by John Rose. The success of the company brought expansion and acquisitions en the early 19th century. Rose and his firm received acclaim for the technical improvements in manufacturing and leadless glazing. 

The reputation of the factory's craftsmanship was increased at the Great Exhibition of London in 1851 when an elaborate table service commissioned by Queen Victoria as a gift to Tsar Nicholas I or Russia was displayed. Despite this the company sometimes struggled to stay afloat, going into receivership in 1875. The company was reinstated under the name "Coalport China Company" and eventually greatly developed its export trade in the 1890's.

Coalport China was purchased by Wedgwood Group in 1967 and is no longer in production.