Ancestral has become Minton's signature pattern. It displays hand painted raised red and blue enamel flowers on the floral transfer background. Marked Minton Ancestral S-376 on the underside.

MIAN-01 Cup and saucer (7 available) $15
MIAN-06 Bread and butter plate (10 available) $11
MIAN-08 Salad plate (6 available) $25
MIAN-09 Luncheon plate (8 available) $32
Same as above but with no gold trim and without the hand-colouring of the flowers. Marked Minton/Ancestral/S-376 on the underside. Photo available on request.
MIAN-39 Oval covered vegetable dish $175

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Thomas Minton founded "Thomas Minton and Sons" in 1793, producing earthenware often in blue transfer print or hand-painted. From 1798 they added the production of bone china. In the 1850's added new lines such as tiles which became used by leading architects and designers for public and private spaces.

Minton China has for the last two centuries been celebrated for the quality of its designs and workmanship. Its tableware patterns were Minton's mainstain through much of the 20th century.

Minton merged with Royal Doulton in 1968.