Norman Arlett (Crown Staffordshire)

A series of hand painted birds signed by Norman Arlett. Trimmed in gold on the rims and handle. Marked Crown Staffordshire.

CSNA-01 Cup and saucer displays a bird with blue and green feathers on the back as well as yellow feathers on the breast.      $35

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Crown Staffordshire

While the hallmark provides 1801 as the date of founding, the company known as Crown Staffordshire was only established in 1889. The date of 1801 only refers to the year the plant where Crown Staffordshire eventually established itself was founded. The company became known for its large selection of dinnerware and its production of fine floral and bird figurines.

In the post-war period, Crown Staffordshire was the largest manufacturer of china in the Potteries are of England. The fortunes of the company along with the other china producers gradually became more difficult in the 1960's and 1970's. The Crown Staffordshire name stopped being used in 1985 after the company became part of Wedgwood in 1973.