Bride's Choice (Grecian shape)

Light blue and grey floral sprays decorates the white china. Trimmed in platinum on the rims. Marked Paragon Bride's Choice on the underside.
PABDG-01 Footed cup and saucer set (12 available) $30
PABDG-01.5 Spare saucer for the cup and saucer set (2 available) $10
PABDG-06 Bread and butter plate (13 available) $12
PABDG-08 Salad plate (2 available) $22
PABDG-12 Tab-handled cake plate (2 available) $50
PABDG-20 Creamer (1 available) $35
PABDG-21 Open sugar dish (1 available) $30
PABDG-20.7 Large creamer (1 available) $40
PABDG-21c Covered sugar (1 available) $55
PABDG-22 Tab-handled tray for creamer and sugar dish (1 available) $35
PABDG-40 Oval vegetable bowl (1 available) $90

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Paragon started out as "Star China" in 1897 and only started using "Paragon" as a trade name around 1903. In 1919, the company name was changed to "Paragon China Company Ltd". Known initially for its tea and breakfast fine bone porcelain it expanded in the 1930's into a full range of dinner ware as well as greatly expanding its export markets.

The fine quality of its china brought it several royal warrants of appointments from Queen Mary, the Queen Mohter and Queen Elizabeth.

In the 1960's Paragon was purchased by Royal Albert who for several years continued to produce some its more popular patterns until 1992. Eventually, Royal Albert was also bought out by Royal Doulton.