Hand-coloured pink and blue roses on rose vines decorates the white swirl-shaped china. Gold trim decorates the scalloped rims. Marked Royal Adderley Heritage on the underside.
RADHER-01f Footed cup and saucer (2 available) $24
RADHER-01 Cup and saucer (8 available) $24
RADHER-04r Rim soup bowl (1 available) $30
RADHER-08 Salad plate (7 available) $16
RADHER-10 Dinner plate (3 available) $30
RADHER-20 Creamer $28
RADHER-21c Covered sugar dish $36

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Royal Adderley

The company was founded in 1876 and continued producing under the Adderley name when the company was taken over by Ridgeway Potteries in 1947. The name was changed to Royal Adderley in 1950s.