Produced from 1940 to 1955. The flowers are hand-painted on a cream background. Marked Royal Doulton Rhapsody on the underside.

RDRH-01 Cup and saucer (6 available) $10
RDRH-03r Rimmed soup bowl (7 available) $18
RDRH-05 Fruit nappy (6 available) $10
RDRH-06 Bread and butter plate (4 available) $0
RDRH-07 Dessert plate measuring 7 inches (8 available) $10
RDRH-08 Salad plate measuring 8 inches (4 available) $12
RDRH-10 Dinner plate (14 available) $14
RDRH-20 Large creamer (1 available) $25
RDRH-21c Large covered sugar dish (1 available) $30
RDRH-31 Large coffee pot (1 available) $85
RDRH-40 Oval vegetable serving bowl (1 available) $45

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Royal Doulton

Founded in 1815 by John Doulton and John Watts and known as Doulton & Co. and later as Doulton & Watts, this company specialized in industrial stoneware and decorative garden pottery.

John Doulton's son, Henry, in association with John Sparkes, the headmaster of the Lambeth School of Art, started in 1871 the production of art pottery that was very well regarded. In 1901, King Edward VII bestowed upon the company the right to use the word "Royal" preceding its name. Since then it has called itself Royal Doulton.

The company is known for its figurines, its character jugs and vases as well its many china patterns.

Royal Doulton is now part of the Waterford Wedgwood group.