Majestic (Royal Grafton)

Gold filigree decorates the dark green band and the white china. Trimmed in gold on the rims. Marked Royal Grafton Majestic on the underside.
RGMAJ-04r Rim soup bowl measuring 6 3/4 inches across (5 available) $32
RGMAJ-06 Bread and butter plate (5 available) $9
RGMAJ-08 Salad plate (5 available) $9
RGMAJ-13 Oval meat platter measuring 10 3/4 by 13 inches $70
RGMAJ-20 Small creamer $32
RGMAJ-21 Small open sugar dish $36
RGMAJ-31 Coffee pot $90
RGMAJ-34 Gravy boat and underplate $65
RGMAJ-39 Covered vegetable tab-handled dish with lid $135
RDMAJ-39.5 Covered vegetable tab-handled dish without the lid $70

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