Very colourful with hand-painted details over an over-all transfer pattern. Rims are trimmed in yellow enamel. Marked Royal Winton 768985 on the underside.

RWRO-53 Little plate measuring just over 4 inches in the Saville shape. (5 available) $8
RWR0-01.5 Saucer in the ascot shape (3 available) $6
RWRO-06 6" ascot-shaped plate (5 available) $10
RWRO-07 7" ascot-shaped plate (3 available) $13
RWRO-26 Tab-handled serving dish measuring 7 by 7 1/2" in the Saville shape. (some wear on rims) $20
RWRO-20 Norman shaped open sugar. Some wear to yellow trim on rim. $15

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Royal Winton