Blue Spray

Blue floral sprays decorates the white china. The rims are ribbed. Marked Royal Worcester Blue Spray on the underside. It also indicates "Reproduction of Early Worcester - Circa 1760"

RWOBLSP-01 Coffee cup and saucer set (2 available) $20
RWOBLSP-01.4 Spare coffee cup for the cup and saucer set (8 available) $12
RWOBLSP-01.4t Spare tea cup for the cup and saucer set (12 available) $12
RWOBLSP-06 Bread and butter plate (3 available) $15
RWOBLSP-08 Salad plate (9 available) $18
RWOBLSP-10 Dinner plate (14 available) $38

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Royal Worcester

Royal Worcester is one of the oldest English manufacturers of porcelain, starting in 1751 in Worcester, England. In 1788, the company received a royal warrant and carried the name "Royal Porcelain Works". Many of its early patterns imitated Chinese porcelain blue and white designs.

In 1976, Royal Worcester merged with Spode. Production ceased at Royal Worcester in 2009.