Billingsley Rose

A hand-painted rose spray decorates the white textured white background in the Jewel shape. Marked Spode Billingsley Rose on the underside with the older red hallmark.

SCBIRJ-01 Cup and saucer set (3 available) $38
SCBIRJ-01.5 Saucer for the cup and saucer set (1 available) $12
SCBIRJ-04c Cream soup cup and saucer (4 available) $38
SCBIRJ-06 Bread and butter plate (5 available) $10
SCBIRJ-08 Salad plate (4 available) $20
SCBIRJ-09 Luncheon plate (5 available) $24
SCBIRJ-20 Creamer $45
SCBIRJ-21. Lid for large sugar dish $25
SCBIRJ-31 Large coffee pot $225
SCBIRJ-53 Butter pat dish (3 available) $19
SCBIRJ-40 Oval vegetable dish with some flaking of the large rose design (discounted accordingly) $45

Same design as above but with the new black hallmark. Marked Spode/Billingsley Rose on the underside

SCBIRJ-13 Meat platter measuring 13 by 10 inches $70
SCBIRJ-34 Gravy boat and underplate $125

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Josiah Spode founded Spode in Stoke-on-Trent in 1770, at about the same time as the founding of Coalport and Minton. He started by producing creamware and pearlware. He introduced underglaze blue transfer printing.

Josiah Spode has sometimes been credited with developing the process for fine bone china. 

From 1847 Spode was owned by W.T. Copeland and Sons. In 1970 the name Spode Ltd appears on the hallmark.

Spode merged with Royal Worcester which, in turn, was acquired by Portmeiron Group.