Hand-painted dogwood blossoms on a white background. Marked Tuscan Dogwood on the underside.

TUDO-01 Cup and saucer (2 available) $24
TUDO-01.5 Saucer (2 available) $10
TUDO-06 Bread and butter plate (6 available) $10
TUDO-08 Salad plate (1 available) $20
TUDO-21 Creamer $35
TUDO-26 Tab-handled bonbon dish $35
TUDO-27 Bonbon dish $28
TUDO-40 Oval open vegetable bowl $85
TUDO-65 Round salad bowl Sold

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Tuscan Fine China was founded in 1878 by R.H. Plant in Staffordshire, England's centre for the production of china. The Plant family already had a long history in producing china.

Tuscan specialized in decorative fine bone china tableware that is very fine and light.

Tuscan was acquired by Wedgwood in 1967, when they added the Royal prefix to Tuscan. Production  ceased in 2006.