Santa Clara

Trimmed in gold on the rims. Marked Wedgwood Santa Clara on the underside.
WESC-01 Cup and saucer (7 available) $20
WESC-02 Demi-tasse cup and saucer in the Bond shape (3 available) $28
WESC-04r Rim soup bowl (8 available) $28
WESC-06 Bread and butter plate (10 available) $9
WESC-08 Salad plate (12 available) $12
WESC-10 Dinner plate (9 available) $35
WESC-20 Creamer in the Traditional shape (2 available) $28
WESC-21 Open sugar dish in the Traditional shape $34
WESC-31 Coffee pot in the Globe shape $165

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Wedgwood was founded in 1765 by Josiah Wedgwood and immediatedly achieved success. Under his leadership the company developed significant industrial innovations such as accurately measuring kiln termperatures as well as its signature wares, Black Basalt and Jasper Ware which were created to look like ancient cameo glass.

Many of the Wedgwood designs were inspired by classical Egyptian, Greek and Roman designs. It also had great success with the introduction of bone china that reproduced the translucency and delicacy of Chinese porcelain.

The Wedgwood family dynasty stayed in control of the Wedgwood company until 1968 when the chosen management director came from outside the family.

Waterford purchased Wedgwood plc in 1986 and the group was renamed Waterford Wedgwood. It is now part of WWRD that stands for "Waterford Wedgwood Royal Doulton".