Paragon China Dinnerware: Minuet


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Paragon: Minuet Minuet

This lovely bread and butter plate is in excellent condition. The blank spot on the china is from the glare of the flash. Marked Paragon/Minuet on the underside.

PAMI-01  Cup and saucer (7 available)  $41 
PAMI-01.5 Spare saucer for the cup and saucer set (2 available) $13
PAMI-06  Bread and butter plate  Sold
PAMI-07 Dessert plate measuring just under 7 inches (8 available) $17
PAMI-08  Salad plate (3 available) $19
PAMI-10  Dinner plate  Sold
PAMI-12 Tab-handled cake plate (1 available) $72
PAMI-20 Sugar dish (1 available) $28
PAMI-21 Creamer (1 available) $34

Paragon: Minuet Minuet (newer version)

This pattern of red roses on a white background was also produced by Royal Standard under the name of Minuet and by Paragon under the name "County Fair". The items listed here are in the Elizabeth shape. Marked Paragon/Minuet on the underside.

PAMINCF-01.5 Saucer for the cups and saucer set (3 available) $10
PAMINCF-06 Bread and butter plate (2 available) $15
PAMINCF-06.1 Bread and butter plate with some wear to the gold trim (1 available) $9

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